Raptors only have one Cheap Andrea Bargnani Jersey draft pick this season

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The Toronto Raptors draft season might start a bit earlier than usual in 2020-21, as the team’s losing streak and poor overall record forced them outside of the playoff picture over the last few weeks, leaving them as close to Oklahoma State star Cade Cunningham as they are to the postseason.

The Raptors only have one draft pick this season, meaning that the thought of punting on the rest of the year with the intent of getting Wholesale Toronto Raptors Jerseys the top pick in the draft is something that likely will garner some support within the Raptors organization.

However, if the Raptors don’t realize that those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it, they could find themselves Cheap Andrea Bargnani Jersey hoping that another wunderkind comes in to fix all of their issues, a strategy that hasn’t always worked out for the best for this team given their history of swinging and missing at the trade deadline.

Toronto has drafted some superstars in their history, as evidenced by Chris Bosh, but this club has had some colossal missteps high Cheap Chris Bosh Jersey in the draft. Why would you give up on 2020 for another look at what’s in the mystery box?

The Toronto Raptors draft history in the Top 10 isn’t amazing
After Bosh in 2003, only DeMar DeRozan has made an All-Star Team while a member of the Raptors. This includes some misses like Andrea Bargnani at No. 1 overall, Jakob Poeltl at No. 9, and the all-time bust known as Rafael Araujo at eighth overall in 2004.

Tanking is also completely antithetical to how the Raptors have built this team. Toronto didn’t become a champion by giving up and hitching their wagon onto the back of one young golden boy that would handle everything. They won by making Cheap DeMar DeRozan Jersey smart trades and developing an array of young players and castoffs.

Cunningham, USC’s Evan Mobley, and G League star Jalen Green could all be franchise cornerstones, but that doesn’t mean the Raptors should just give up on 2020-21 to get one of them, especially when the play-in tournament makes it even more likely for them to go on a deep run in the postseason.

The temptation to find the next DeRozan is tempting, but trying to go all-in for one unproven player is a strategy that has rarely worked out for the Raptors. Drafting well is incredibly important, but losing on purpose for a college kid is not something that Ujiri and Nurse should consider.

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