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the Raptors will have Jalen Harris Jersey earned their summers

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Trade season has been difficult for Toronto Raptors fans
Frantically doing salary math in their heads and punching random 20-year-olds into the trade machine to see what Cheap Toronto Raptors Jerseys might come up.

This frenzy combined with the sudden nosedive of the Raptors win record means that every single player on the team’s roster is suddenly having to endure trade speculation.

“What would it take for the Raptors to trade Pascal Siakam?” “Who’s in the market for Norman Powell?” “Where will Kyle Lowry finish Cheap Kyle Lowry Jersey the year?” The sooner Masai Ujiri makes some boring, and probably genius, moves, the better. It’s been stressful for everybody.

Kudos to the fans for putting up with that.

The stretch of basketball has been crushing for the Toronto Raptors
Thursday night forced Raptors fans to endure a buzzer-beating game-winner by Tony Snell of the Hawks. After fighting tooth-and-nail against a more talented Atlanta team, the Raptors had to get their hearts broken in the most brutal fashion possible.

The whole basketball world knew what they were signing up for this season, but it’s easy to talk about weathering the storm when your franchise has more than two starters on the floor.

Whatever happens this season, the Raptors will have Cheap Norman Powell Jersey earned their summers the hard way. All the team can hope for is a speedy recovery.

Kudos to the fans for putting up with that.

The Toronto Raptors bench has not stepped up
In the five games since the team was crippled the bench has been solid on defense but the same can’t be said for the scoring.

Subtracting the production from Lowry, Powell, and Chris Boucher, the Raptors have been scoring an average of 42 points a game. That’s the entire team, besides those three.

That’s the recent Raptors in a nutshell. hey haven’t just been handicapped, they’ve been stripped of their big guns. They simply Cheap Pascal Siakam Jersey don’t have enough firepower to win games as it is. Lowry, Powell, and Boucher are just not going to score 70 points a night. They won’t.

Kudos to the fans for putting up with that.

Norman Powell and Kyle Lowry have been the saving grace
Over the past 10 games, Powell has been averaging 25 a night, shooting a ridiculous 53% from the field, 48% from three, and 92% from the line. In the past, a scoring night like that from Norm usually spelled victory for the Raps.

Last season the Raptors were 9-1 on nights where Norm scored 25 or more. This season, not so much. Since the team was hit with COVID, Powell has had to produce 25% of the team’s nightly scoring. I shudder to think what the team Cheap Chris Boucher Jersey would be on offense without him.

On top of stacking 35+ minute nights on his stubby 34-year-old legs, Lowry has been pulling out every trick he has to try and will this team to a win, but with no luck.

Part of why Raptors fans love Lowry so much is that he kills himself every night for his team and his city. He seems to care just a little bit more than everyone else. Toronto lovesthat about him. Even in the face of impossible odds, Lowry will continue to pound the ball, dive, sacrifice his body on charges, hit the deck on tough finishes, and on and on it goes.

When the Raptors mounted a 30-point comeback to beat the Mavericks last season, it was on the back of Lowry’s never say die attitude.

That’s why it’s been so painful to watch him these past few games. It’s hard to watch a player so good and so beloved take these kinds of hits over and over and over again, but this time to no avail.

Kudos to the Raptors fans (and Kyle Lowry) for putting up with that.

Raptors fans, you are the MVPs of this week. The only way is up from here. No matter what the rest of the season looks like the Raptors franchise can guarantee a more enjoyable experience than what March has turned out to be.

Kudos to you all.

Davis didn’t take DeAndre Bembry Jersey advantage of the promotion

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Another boring shorthanded loss? Yep! With Fred VanVleet, OG Anunoby and Pascal Siakam out (along with Patrick McCaw and Malachi Flynn of course), the Toronto Raptors just don’t have enough good players to compete — even with mediocre teams like the Chicago Bulls. Hence, last night’s loss — Toronto’s fifth in a row.

There really isn’t much more to say Cheap Fred VanVleet Jersey at this point, other than to hope that those guys are healthy and able to come back soon.

1. Lineup Change
Last night, Nick Nurse switched up the Cheap OG Anunoby Jersey starting lineup, inserting Terence Davis for DeAndre Bembry.

Pre-game, I thought subbing in Davis was a good, but not great, move, to get more offense into the starting lineup. To be clear, I would rather Cheap Pascal Siakam Jersey not see Davis at all for off-the-court reasons, and on the court, well, he’s been generally awful. But since the team insists on keeping him around, starting him over Bembry or Stanley Johnson has some logic behind it, since Davis is — in theory! — more of an offensive Cheap Terence Davis Jersey threat. In addition, Bembry brings some level of playmaking to the second unit.

Unfortunately, Davis didn’t take advantage of the promotion last night, as Nurse brought Bembry off the bench less than three Cheap Chris Boucher Jersey minutes in. With six points and two assists combined between them, neither Davis nor Bembry did much in their new roles.

2. Bring Me Boucher
The real starting lineup change that Cheap Patrick McCaw Jersey needs to be made, of course, is subbing Chris Boucher in for Aron Baynes. In addition, I think the team needs to do a better job staggering Lowry, Powell and Boucher; two should be on the floor Cheap Stanley Johnson Jersey at all times. I recognize Boucher’s weaknesses from a rebounding and positioning standpoint, and I know he still picks up Cheap Paul Watson Jersey too many fouls. But his shooting and his ability to finish at the rim are much, much-needed right now.

And while I don’t mind the Baynes-Boucher pairing, I think playing Boucher at the four with Stanley Johnson at the small-ball five, a role Johnson Cheap Aron Baynes Jersey played fairly well at times earlier this season, might have some potential too.

(I can’t believe I’m even writing about this! Come back soon, OG and Pascal!)

3. Good D on LaVine, at Least
With Stanley Johnson, Paul Watson, and DeAndre’ Bembry taking turns, the Raptors did a pretty solid job containing Chicago’s All-Star, Zach LaVine. I was impressed Cheap DeAndre Bembry Jersey with Watson’s D on LaVine in particular — he guarded LaVine so tightly I thought for a minute the Raps had gone box-and-1! LaVine only scored seven points on six shots.

Although the Raptors collectively still aren’t playing great team defense, it’s been nice to see these guys continue to play solid man-to-man D.

4. Forcing It
The other night I called out one impressive sequence where the Raptors ran through a set, swung the ball around the perimeter Cheap Henry Ellenson Jersey and found the right shot with passing. And I recalled how little we’d seen such action this season.

This was surely on display last night, as the Raptors looked incredibly stagnant in their offense. Everything seemed forced, and when players did Cheap Malachi Flynn Jersey probe the defense, rarely did it seem the ball was kicked out to an open man.

It’s easy to keep saying, “yeah but they’re missing three guys” but the guys that are in there have to be able to manage the basics, right? You don’t need to be an All-Star to keep the ball moving!

5. At Least We Have Jack
These games are not fun to watch, but when Jack Armstrong is on, at least they’re entertaining to listen to! Jack was in his typical form last night, complaining about calls and no-calls, recalling the Niagara days, wondering aloud why the WNBA isn’t in Canada, using about listening to tunes while golfing, and of course, throwing out all the classics from GTGOH to “Bonjour!” It’s also highly entertaining to hear him try Toronto Raptors Jerseys and cover his disgust at some of the Raptors’ defensive effort and poor offensive execution.

I don’t know where we’d be without Jack.


There really isn’t much of a bright side here to share, so we’ll remain hopeful that these extra reps will do guys like Henry Ellenson and Paul Watson good, and cross our fingers that the team is healthy again soon.

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After shooting 9-for-21 (42.9%) in the first half, the Suns took it up a notch in the second half to finish the game with a season-high 21 made 3s. Crowder knocked down six triples and Cameron Johnson hit four while both Booker and Mikal Bridges sank three triples apiece.

Though the Raptors finished the night shooting a very respectable 14-for-33 (42.4%) from deep, the 21-point difference from beyond the arc was way too much to overcome.

3. It sure looks like Pascal’s back

After a rough start to the season, Siakam looked much much more like himself.

It began in the first half, where Siakam made his presence felt early and often, scoring 19 points (on 7-for-10 shooting) to go along with four rebounds. He picked up where he left off over the final 24 minutes to finish the night with a game-high 32 points to go along with eight rebounds.

It was Siakam’s first time crossing the 30-point plateau since scoring 33 points on March 3, 2020, in … Phoenix. Things haven’t been great for Toronto to start the season but with this version of Siakam, things are sure to get better sooner rather than later.

4. Phoenix’s second unit got it done

The Suns’ bench made a big difference in this one.

Led by 16 points from second-year forward Johnson, Phoenix’s second unit outscored Toronto’s bench 42-26. Dario Saric added 15 points off the bench while former Raptors training camp invitee Cameron Payne dished out a game-high 10 assists in 16 minutes off the bench.

Even more troubling for Toronto is that outside of the starting five and Cheap Norman Powell Jersey, the team only got 13 points, nine of which came from Cheap Chris Boucher Jersey. Nick Nurse continues to tinker with his rotation, giving Cheap Yuta Watanabe Jersey and Cheap Malachi Flynn Jersey minutes, but he hasn’t seemed to have found the right combination just yet.

5. VanVleet rewrites the record book…

After hitting a 3-pointer in the first quarter, Cheap Fred VanVleet Jersey made it 39 straight games with at least one made triple, setting a new Raptors franchise record.

The last time VanVleet failed to connect on a 3? Dec. 8, 2019.

6. …And Lowry does, too

While VanVleet moved to No. 1, Lowry moved up to No. 5 on the franchise’s all-time rebounding list. Lowry entered the night needing six rebounds to surpass Cheap DeMar DeRozan Jersey, which he did in the opening half.

Lowry finished with nine rebounds to bring his total as a Raptor to 2,743.

Next up? Cheap Amir Johnson Jersey, who pulled down 2,836 rebounds in a Raptors uniform.

7. CP3 continues to ease his way in

The Suns have opened the season by winning six of their first eight games, and Chris Paul has yet to truly tap into that All-Star level we saw from him last year.

After finishing with 10 points (on 4-for-12 shooting) and eight assists in 31 minutes of action, Paul is now averaging 13.3 points and 8.3 assists while shooting 40.7% from the field and 33.3% from beyond the arc. Considering the fact that Paul essentially had no true training camp with this team, there’s still plenty that he’s figuring out about playing with them and vice versa.

That Phoenix is 6-2 without its All-Star point guard playing at his peak level yet should put the rest of the Western Conference on notice.

8. What’s next?

Toronto heads to Northern California to take on the Sacramento Kings on Friday at 10 p.m. on the TSN Network.